A comprehensive mockup tool with outstanding customization options.


PIXEL IT COMPANY refined the product and added more features to create a truly comprehensive mockup tool. We added voice and text functionality, allowing users to customize their projects with different voices and the ability to assign subtitles. We could create an experience that was not only eye-catching & easy-to-use but also highly functional and intuitive.

All users can feel accomplished when they finish their design.

We developed a user-friendly interface so that even inexperienced users can easily navigate the system and utilize helpful instructions to ensure each element of their design looks as good as possible. 


3DD. Features

Easily select from a wide variety of templates available on the homepage.

Creative options open up more possibilities as you design your digital projects following professional design guidelines.

Effortlessly customize your mockups by adding text, resizing them according to instructions, incorporating voice, and adding 3D models.


By taking on the web and application versions of 3DD, we ensured they were aesthetically pleasing and user-oriented. We conducted extensive UI/UX testing where we identified and addressed any potentially problematic issues for the customers. Not only does this save time, but it creates realistic visuals which can help give life to many types of designs. 

Usability and helpfulness were top priorities throughout the process.

With usability testing throughout the process, we could ensure user satisfaction with 3DD’s product offering. We monitored users’ responses when using different parts of the tool and their overall fulfillment ratings to identify any issues or areas where improvements could be made.