AssetDash.Portfolio Tracker mobile and web application

Portfolio Tracker mobile and web application

AssetDash is the first rewards program for investors. Instantly unlock rewards and deals based on your investments.


Asset Dash



  1. UX Audit
  2. Mobile app design
  3. Web Design

Project History

When they reached out to us, they aimed to optimize their current products on the market. To their delight, they achieved success. Nonetheless, it was evident that many of the users desired a product with a more instinctive and pleasing interface. We comprehended the challenges and assisted them in boosting the UX and crafting a beautiful and intuitive UI.


Scope of work

UX Audit
Redesign Mobile app
Website design creation.

Mobile app design

Our team has invested a lot of effort into constructing the Asset Dash mobile app. We envisioned a beautiful and visually compelling direction with a minimalistic user interface design and exquisite custom 2D illustration that is seen throughout the app. Additionally, we made sure the application runs smoothly and installed multiple user behavior trackers.

According to customer feedback, our team successfully achieved a higher website visits and activity rate due to PIXEL IT COMPANY.


The team was successful in producing an intuitive and visually pleasing UX and UI Design for both mobile and website design, which has assisted the client in enlarging their presence in the market. The redesign efforts had a monumental effect on the attractiveness of the product and AssetDash’s overall brand recognition. Furthermore, the website and mobile app saw a noteworthy rise in website visits and enthusiasm due to the efforts of PIXEL IT COMPANY. In addition, the new redesign was praised by the customers and the team alike, with loads of positive responses from the target audience. The team sincerely appreciates the trust AssetDash has placed in us, and we are elated to be an integral part of such a sizable product!