Producing gorgeous & luxurious; skincare, cosmetics, fragrancies.


The challenge was twofold: to ensure that customers could easily find the products they needed and that the website’s look and feel were as luxurious and appealing as possible. We used various techniques to make sure the website was easy to navigate by incorporating search filters & dynamic content layouts.

To create a seamless experience, we did extensive research on customer preferences.

The goal was to ensure Clinique’s customers could enjoy a seamless experience when browsing through its catalog of pure products without any difficulty or confusion. With a well-crafted user experience, customers could easily find the product they were looking for.


We went to great lengths in using both UI/UX principles and creating new user personas that allowed us to better understand how customers interacted with the website. We cared extra about crafting visually appealing designs that used milky browns and pure skincare colors that exemplified Clinique’s vision.

Milky brown hues to evoke a feeling of elegance & purity.

By combining thoughtful UI/UX design, creating user personas, and vividly appealing visuals, PIXEL IT COMPANY was able to make sure that Clinique customers could enjoy an aesthetically pleasing digital experience.

Products formulated with safe, quality ingredients to keep the skin looking beautiful and healthy.

Purchase easily with the secure payment system.

Products specifically tailored to each individual's skin type.

The unique formulas are made with natural ingredients that nourish the skin while providing powerful protection.