A development company with valuable and innovative services.


The branding concept for Mind focuses on minimalism, with simple black-and-white colors, linear visuals, and elegant design. This speaks volumes about their goal of making progress without the need for complexities. We crafted a brand identity that resonates with its core values by keeping its uniqueness. 

Highlighting the
clarity of the vision & providing a timeless aesthetic.

To reflect Mind’s mission, we have designed a simplistic yet effective black & white brand identity that communicates its message clearly and effectively so that even the most inexperienced customer can comprehend it.


The branding is minimalistic and focused on simplicity with linear patterns to create an elegant aesthetic. The visual language of the iconic images represents the company’s mission and values of ambition, perseverance, creativity, and progress. 

Dynamic visuals represent the adventure that awaits with every challenge.

The logo for Mind is comprised of two abstract colors that come together to form a single entity. Moreover, it succinctly conveys the concept that there is always room for further exploration and improvement.