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We set out to improve Moon’s website by providing comprehensive information about the company and its services. The goal was to simplify for potential clients to find the needed data and get a better sense of the team’s skills and experience. After hours of research, we’re proud to say that we’ve succeeded in our task.

Visitors Can Now Easily Discover Moon's Stand-Out Features

We’ve also updated the existing content to ensure it’s up-to-date and relevant. As a result, visitors to the site will now be able to find everything they need to know about Moon in one place. Plus, they’ll better understand what makes the company unique.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Moon on their branding and UI/UX design. We went through the entire UX process, including research, mood boards, creating UX user personas, testing, wireframes, prototype, information architecture, and user flows.

Focus on aesthetics, ease of use, and intuitive navigation routes.

By taking an in-depth look at Moon’s brand identity first and then conducting rigorous testing throughout each step of our UX process, we were able to create custom-crafted UI/UX designs that perfectly suited both Moon’s branding and its users’ needs.

Moon. Features

Effective solutions for companies to maximize their efficiency and performance without overspending or sacrificing security.

We implemented a responsive design to ensure the website works well on all devices.

View the price history, charts, and other forms of market data.