Managing cryptocurrencies and DeFi from one easy-to-use platform


Pixel IT Company performed a comprehensive UX audit on the Crypt app and identified several areas for improvement. Through our wireframing and UI design processes, we were able to streamline the app’s money transfer features, making it easier for customers to track their deals and purchases.

Sleek, Secure, and Intuitive: The New User Interface Design

We also revamped the overall UI to improve usability and enhance the user experience. The challenge was to provide customers with a seamless and enjoyable experience while ensuring that our new design was both intuitive and secure.


We worked on streamlining users’ personal profiles for better accessibility and history management. Throughout the process, we adhered to best practices and gathered feedback from real users to create a truly valuable and user-friendly solution.

Minimalist Platform Holds the Key to Crypto Convenience

The result is a simplified, minimalist platform that meets all the needs of crypto holders everywhere. We are confident that our unique approach will continue to bring value and convenience to the growing community of the crypto world.

Crypt. Features

A real-time tracking of all major cryptocurrencies, allowing users to monitor market trends.

Keep track of your holdings and make trades with ease!

Identify cryptocurrencies with a higher likelihood of producing a return on investment.

View the price history, charts, and other 

forms of market data.

Track, manage, and trade your digital assets in one convenient place.

Card and history information at your fingertips

With the new “Withdraw” feature, you can now cash out your earnings to your own bank account!