Aniv.Transportation Mobile Application


ANIV empowers entrepreneurs to launch their own scooter and bike-sharing business. The all-in-one platform to launch your own bicycle, e-bike, or scooter franchise. ANIV provides a mobile app, a management tool, business side analytics, and marketing modules.


Albert Manukyan


UX Audit

UX Research


UI Design

Launch Project

What We did

We walked step by step & kept UX Steps. Our mission was to understand users and their brand identity.

Application map

We designed the application map to understand the entire structure of the app and eliminate any logical inconsistencies in the product.

Easy Ride

ANIV application is created for users who can easily travel and add friends with whom they can enjoy the process together.


Find a bicycle and scan the QR on the front to unlock it.

End Ride

End the ride by locking the back locker and ending the ride in the app.


The payment method is straightforward. BTW you can find the Bonuses right there.


You can choose your package and find a ticket with a % discount.