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Stufizz. Bartering platform


Stufizz is a bartering platform that enables users to connect and trade items in their local communities.

Based on principles of circular economy, sustainability and clean-tech Stufizz helps its members to save time, money and also reduce waste as good consumers. Smart match mechanism solves value differences and connects users with the people they want and the items they need.


Shai Zamir


UX Audit
UX Research
UI Design
2d/3d Illustrations

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Having conducted UX-Audit, your team found plenty of gaps which needed deeper examination and more work on. We spent hours researching best practices, studying user interviews and discussing what kind of solutions would bring what kind of solutions would be optimal for this product.


Our main task was to improve the current App, make user experience more pleasant & engaging, and create a visual interface that would be trustworthy.

Working progress.

We came up with a lot of ideas and started working on it. We have added many features. The main important step was a UX audit for different users.

Search and See​

The User Creates an account on Stufizz and fills out the preferences. This enables the filtration of items, and allows to see the new items when the app gets launched every time. The User can Search items by setting up the filtration by price range, condition, location, etc. When the User clicks on an item, it displays on the full screen. The User can make the item Favorite, read more details, see the owner of the item and start a chat. 


Typography & Colours.

We create the full branding. Logo and full Brand guidelines. We use clean colors and Google Fonts.

Final Stage.

At this stage we started working on unique illustrations which would convey the feeling of the App and highlight an individual approach once again. After that all the designs were given to the developers from the client’s side and our team started mentoring and making sure all the designs were met.