ZilTech. Branding


ZilTech provides a complete development cycle for your e-commerce shop, starting with shop template design & plugin development through to site setup and hosting. For your e-commerce store, it will take care of everything.




Logo Design



User Persona

We believe that the most important thing is to understand who you are building the product for. That is why we always start from the target group of your customers and work around them.

Our Goal

We designed a multi-page website for the brand ZilTech to make it easier for users to navigate through. We accentuated the minimalistic mood of the site, so we made sure that any unnecessary elements were removed from view. Our goal was to streamline the site's structure, making it easier for customers to navigate.

IT Platform

We developed the IT platform for ZilTech, brought our ideas to life, and created a flexible product easily adaptable to changing business needs.


The new identity is brought to life with a dynamic and flexible set of elements developed according to the brand's guidelines. Looking at the graphic design with careful eyes, we preserved the continuity of its brand color scheme with maximum accuracy.


We worked closely with the ZilTech team to develop their brand identity. And we are so pleased to have contributed to their success.